"La Corte" Bed & Breakfast develops on two floors..


The ground floor is endowed with a wide and confortable kitchen where you can taste fantastic home made breakfasts..


A corridor leads to the the first double room furnished with closets, TV color and a bathroom with all the conforts.


The first floor is made up of a big kitchen enriched by a lovely balcony, decorated with the Pietra leccese, you can go to and wash your face in the Salento morning sun every day.


At the left of the entrance you have a corridor leading to a twin room with confortable closets and endowed with Air Conditioner. Then we have a small confortable bathroom in the adjoining room.


In the last resort a short corridor leads to the second double room,, a real jewel furnished with inside bathroom, air conditioner and even three windows that offer three different town seeings.

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